Marketlend Academy: what makes Marketlend unique?

Founder and CEO of Marketlend Leo Tyndall explains the significant differences that make the Marketlend platform so powerful and supportive for investors.  If you prefer, you can read the transcript below.

What makes Marketlend unique is that we’re able to give SMEs direct access to the capital markets, but in a secure and also price competitive environment. By using insurance, and also using loss reserves, we’re able to give the SME the benefit of those so therefore getting better pricing for them, and at the same time give the investor comfort that when they invest in an SME, that they have additional protection against the possibility of a loss. Now, matching … In, in, by doing this we use trade credit facilities, which is an unusual thing. In that, what we’re doing is, we’re becoming the owner of the goods. And then essentially what we’re finding is the SME’s able to then buy more goods and then within 90 days repay us, and therefore giving them an improved profitability so that they have a, a better, you know, cost of funds. And then also, giving them the ability to have money now versus waiting for 30, 60, 90 days depending on the type of facility. So it’s actually having the money to actually pay expenses or buy more goods and enable them to improve their profitability of their business.