Marketplace lending

Your direct investor benefits

Invest in this new asset class for:
  • Direct links with credit-worthy businesses and individuals
  • Strong, stable returns
  • Investment ratings and risk assessment
  • Insurance protection availability*
  • Loss protection on every loan
  • Portfolio flexibility and diversification
  • Transparent and direct reporting
  • The ability to trade your investments whenever you want

Disclaimer: *Insurance is available subject to supplier and borrower credentials and the insurer’s approval.


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A notable trading advantage

Improve your investment liquidity by trading with Marketlend investors. You can sell your Notes auction-style or by placing a buy now price. It’s all about extra flexibility and investment freedom.

Marketlend connects you with more

Transparent, competitive rates and a fast simple loan process save you in more ways than one. If you are a small business coming up against a conventional institutional brick wall, tired of delays and evaluation subjectivity or being required to give property as collateral, chances are one of our investors can quickly help.

MarketPlace lending - Finance that makes sense

Your direct borrowing advantages

▪   No property security collateral required
▪   Direct access to investors
▪   Low rates
▪   Online convenience
▪   Less red tape
▪   Personal support
▪   Transparent
▪   Secure and confidential

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