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Establishing or topping up your Marketlend investment portfolio couldn’t be easier. The Autobid service automatically matches the optimum investment loan mix to your preferred investment criteria and automatically bids on your behalf.

Three steps and you're set

Step 1

You set your individual requirements to Autobid

Step 2

Autobid matches the best possible investment set to your individual requirements

Step 3

You select the risk band, the amount, rate or maximum rate if you limit the borrower amount

Lending is fast and simple, start now!

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Autobid reduces time Simple bidding without risk

Our experienced credit assessment team review every application and only allow established and creditworthy businesses to borrow through Marketlend. However, it’s important to remember that some businesses will not be able to fully repay their loan. We call this a bad debt. This can happen. If this occurs there is a risk that you may lose part or all of your interest and capital invested.

How will Autobid work?

Autobid will bid at the rates set by you in the autobids preference box below or the maximum if you select a borrower amount limit. Autobid allows you to fund new opportunities as they become available.
It is the best way to quickly invest your capital so it is always working for you. You can still bid manually when the Autobid is enabled and you can turn it off.

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  • Total Investments: $0.00

  • Available Funds: $-176,025.32

  • Autobid is: Off

Limit per account holder(borrower) for all risk bands:

risk band rate amount Individual Investment
Amount Limit

Set up your Autobid in minutes!

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