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I acknowledge and accept that I will lose the retail protection which is available under Corporations Act 2001("Corporations Act") which include but at not limited to receiving retail disclosure documents such as a Financial Services Guide or Statement of Advice, receiving retail offer documents such as Product Disclose Statement or Prospectus, Tyndall Capital, parent entity of Marketlend (Tyndall Capital) is acting in my best interests, and access to Tyndall Capital's internal and external disputed resolution services;


I have satisfied myself that I understand the legal and financial implications of being a wholesale investor.


I have the experience and capacity to make investment decisions without the benefit of personal financial advice or regulated disclosure documents issued in accordance with the Corporations Act.


Tyndall Capital or Marketlend does not guarantee that any wholesale services or financial products will be made available to me.


If I am investing on the basis of an accountant's certificate verifying that I have net assets of at least A$2.5M or gross revenue of A$250,000 per annum for the last two years, I acknowledge it is my obligation to provide Marketlend the certificate and failure to do so, I will no longer be recognised as a wholesale investor and will not be able to invest on the platform.

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