Marketlend Academy: What have you learned about your investors?

Listen to Jane Lehmann, Marketlend’s Head of Investor Relations, share what she has learned about Marketlend’s investors.  If you want to read the full transcript, please see below.

What I’ve learned about our investors is because they’re experienced, sophisticated and/or institutional um, they are as the name suggest, well experienced in the sector so they understand the risks that they’re entering into. They have um a very good um business eye, very good business sense um will look at a particular um investment they’re or loan that they’re potentially um taking an interest in and can ask very informed and- and specific questions about the risk profile um at hand. And so its very important to us to ensure that we provide the responses and type of information that they need because we need to ensure they- we have their confidence um that the information that we provide that the facilities that we pulled up are- are the type of investment that would meet their needs and um their interest.