Trust Documents executed by Trustee, Marketlend, Tyndall Capital and Jardine Lloyd Thompson

In a first for the peer to peer industry, Marketlend from inception is operating a securitisation trust structure to offer investors the most secure and protected funding opportunity available.

Master Trust Deed, Security Trust Deed, Sale and Origination Deed, and Back Up Servicer Deed were executed on 24 December 2014.

AET, a wholly owned subsidiary of IOOF, who manages approx. 123 Billion of wealth funds in Australia was appointed the Trustee, and Security Trustee.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson, listed on the UK stock exchange will perform the role of back up servicer.

“We have structured our lending platform with a solid foundation, that will be built to last. From the mom and dad investor to the large financial institutional investors, all investors are protected and purchase a secured bond where the underlying asset is a loan in the trust or part thereof if the investor wishes. These notes will have the traditional trading aspects to them, and whilst liquidity take a while to build, the notes are tradable instruments in the capital markets.” Leo Tyndall, Founder and CEO.