Marketlend launch delivers SME’s direct access to the capital markets.

Marketplace lending is already making a major impact on the dynamics of SME funding and investor opportunities worldwide.
Developed by Tyndall Capital, Marketlend now brings this revolutionary online funding and investment platform to Australia. Essentially, it gives SME’s direct access to the capital markets without the hidden costs and excessive red tape.

At the launch, Leo Tyndall, Marketlend CEO and Founder, highlighted the far-reaching benefits of this market innovation.

“For decades, the securitisation market has given corporates and non banks the ability to access the capital markets and fund like the banks. The GFC brought about a lot of negativity to the market, and significant additional regulation that was good for the market. However the need for historical data and rating of markets that were established has inhibited growth and innovation.

Marketlend, bypasses these hurdles, by using new peer- to- peer technology to enable investors direct access to understanding the risk and SME’s direct access to the investors both in Australia and overseas with full transparency and flexibility. It’s simply financing that makes good sense and the way of the future.”


Tyndall Capital is particularly well credentialed to deliver certainty and security in this area. Founded in Sydney in 2006, Tyndall Capital Pty Ltd (Tyndall) has established itself as a respected player in the financial industry. Tyndall focuses on capital markets advisory and trust management. For the larger corporate, or financial institution, Tyndall has enabled them to access the capital markets with advanced securitisation methodology. Now Tyndall, through Marketlend, is bringing the same methodology and disciplines to the SME market with the added advantages of more flexibility and direct access to Australian and overseas investors.

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