Credit worthiness boosted by Creditworks Australia Pty Ltd assessment and application services.

Based on the need to ensure credit worthiness and efficiency within the Marketlend platform, Creditworks Australia has granted Market lend access to its CA edge platform. This will greatly assist with numerous aspects of credit application.

The completed credit applications will seamlessly pass through an automated credit application verification system and be managed on a credit application portal provided by Creditworks. This results in a new account application being processed in as short a time as 2 to 5 minutes, subject to the number of applicants within one application.

Leo Tyndall, Founder of Marketlend, comments:

“When considering what options were in the marketplace to ensure that we satisfactory performed all external credit checks, and had a decision automated system, Creditworks stood apart from its competitors as being the best choice.

Consistent with our goal to provide direct access to capital markets for the applicant, the ability to remove any subjectivity through automation again reiterates the objectives of Marketlend to provide the borrower direct access to the investor without all the red tape.”


Creditworks is a specialist niche services provider of innovative enterprise grade and highly customised credit risk management solutions to large Australian listed and unlisted enterprises.  The company’s management has long standing experience and strong credentials in successfully building and delivering leading edge cost effective and best practice credit information services to the Australasian marketplace. Creditworks employs a highly skilled and uniquely experienced in house development team with an impressive track record in terms of building specialist high integrity and integrated qualitative & quantitative solutions and work-flows for use in comprehensive decisioning applications.

Creditworks proprietary decisioning platform engages with a number of key risk management databases on a concurrent basis including Veda Advantage; Australia’s leading credit bureau, as well as important statutory databases such as ASIC, PPSR and land titles (via the company’s own direct brokerage arrangements) so as to optimise risk management outcomes.