Marketlend Academy: Why Marketlend is a “fierce advocate” for investors

In this video, Marketlend’s Founder and CEO, Leo Tyndall, explores why it is so important that Marketlend act as a “fierce advocate” on behalf of its investors, especially when it comes to protecting their investments.  Watch the video or read the full transcript below.


We see a very significant need for a number of things. One is, obviously, we always want our investor support, but we also see that we need to be very diligent in enforcing debt and very diligent in making claims on insurers and ensuring that they understand the true risk so that the investor gets his funds back to the extent that’s possible. Obviously, if we find that if we were negligent or we were lazy about that point in our business, well then essentially you could say the wheels will stop.

You know, we we essentially look after our investors in that we see them as an integral part of our business, and we do see that they are leaving it – not leaving it to us – but they are a lot of he ongoing servicing role and the like is left to us. And they don’t want a situation where they put the money in and then they think that we’re sitting there, you know, having coffees in the background and not doing much and really not diligently ensuring that people pay on time, when I’m diligently actually collecting on debt or we’re not going to the insurer and advocating the case as to why they should pay.

And one of the things I think is very important there, it you look at the Royal Commission and you look at with banks now or you look at say, for example, the AMP scenario, you know shareholders is a bit of a similar example. Shareholders would like to think that AMP was doing the right thing for them. Not just protecting them, but also protecting the business. And then to discover that they weren’t and they were actually doing things that were contrary to the business. That’s something that we don’t want to ever be seen doing and we’re very cognisant of the need to do so.

And that’s why we do things like have a due diligence done by Deloitte every year. And that’s why we also have people like Clifford Chance review our legal documents. And that’s why we always invite investors, you know the larger investors do their own due diligence, and other investors while we have regular catch-ups or webinars or other items like that to really show them that we’re doing. And that’s why we have a newsletter to keep them updated as to what we’re doing.