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In an ideal world, depositors and superannuation retirees would like to see the passive income from their investments and savings. Especially when one saves for retirement, a depositor in a bank or investor in a fund, would hope that they don't need to continuously seek better return on their investments to ensure that inflation and taxes than gobble up their income.

Allowing businesses to work your money can net you a return that can achieve the objective of a net position of positive return against raising inflation and taxes, from the interest payments alone.
For example, an 11.5% return on $200, 000 capital is $23,000 per annum after deductions. If you elect, each month you will receive repayments into your online account, comprising interest earned. Furthermore as the account holder of a Marketlend line of credit pays interest on utilised and unutilised funds this can mean that your principal continues to gain a return throughout the entire period of the term of the account without the need to be reinvested as the principal pays down in a normal principal and interest scenario.

Withdrawal options to suit your lifestyle

All interest

Monthly transfer of all interest earned

Half interest

Monthly transfer of half the interest earned

Capital builder

No interest transactions — all interest is reinvested in new investments

Fixed amount

All interest returned at a rate you fix


Simply use your dashboardto withdraw on request


KMC Technology Australia

borrowed A$65,000 from 35 investors

We found Marketlend as we deal with banks all the time and need to complete our capital needs. I was sceptical they could deliver. Not only did they deliver but it was exceptional, the administration support improved our collections and the reporting was very transparent.rnrnrn

Minimum & Maximum

Investors are not limited in their investment, there is no maximum of the capital that can be employed on Marketlend. Furthermore that if an investor would like to have their own trust, they may do so at a nominal cost, we could actually set it up for them, manage and make it tax effective*.

A minimum of $100 can be lent to each investment opportunity.

Apply now

All lenders, and affiliated parties must register with Marketlend, and be approved so they are verified as a secure lender. That’s why Australians now have a quick, easy, and reliable platform to access extra funds without worrying about big financial institutions!

* only available for amounts in excess of A$2,000,000