Marketlend chooses world- leading innovator Veriluma to develop internal rating system.

Realising the need to analyse the risk of the repayment of the notes issued and secured by the underlying loan and provide a grounded basis for the rating of peer to peer/marketlending loans, Marketlend has agreed with Veriluma, to develop a system providing a rating on the loans on its platform. The rating is the expectancy of the repayment of the note issued to fund the loan. Using similar methodology as rating agencies but with predictability factors taken into account, the rating is an opinion that not only considers the past but the posssible factors in the future.

Rating Analysis

Marketlend uses a developed system between Tyndall and Veriluma that runs on a Java based solution called Intelfuze.

The system is hosted on Tyndall and Marketlend servers and Veriluma’s patented Sheba technology lies at the core of our product and helps individuals and organisations find certainty and clarity. It generates knowledge about complex and uncertain situations or problems, and provides the insight needed to make better decisions, faster.

My Verified ID offers world-first Identity Verification as a Service (IVaaS™).

This is the first plug and play Identity Verification with options such as Face Biometric Recognition, Voice Biometric Authentication and Digital Signatures System. The technology includes a set of API’s that can be installed on the platform. The Verification and Authentication technology platform enables instant verification of users applying for services or products and or authenticating users signing in. My Verified ID contributes in reducing risks associated with online transactions and online data exchange while meeting AML and KYC compliance.

Invoice Receivables Payment System

In addition to application, identification and rating, payment systems, an invoice receivable payment system is operated by Marketlend supported by JLT and an established BPO, Sibling Solutions, will manage credit limits and invoice payment process. The bureau system is hosted on Xero for the support for the daily management of the payments and reconciliation with the bank and the trustee.