Demand for Working Capital Business Loans is staggering – 7.1M listed within weeks, with another 1M in pipeline

The obvious need for working capital business loans in Australia is evidenced by recent demand from the newly launched only Australian business peer to peer lender, Marketlend.

Within a month, Marketlend has  7.1 Million loans listed on the marketplace from borrowers with strong credit and significant asset positions, and another 1.2Million in the pipeline. It is obvious that the need for working capital business loans is not filled by the major banks, or corporate credit providers.

The borrowers are strong corporates who seek to improve their bargaining power with suppliers or consolidate debts that are charged at rates in excess of 20%.  Without the security of property collateral, competing products to Marketlend are corporate cards or expensive factoring solutions that are limited by high interest rates or limit to the lending amount.

Investors – Self Managed Super funds and others

With a burgeoning Australian self managed superannuation market looking for yield, it is a no brainer for these investors. Marketlend provide a stringent credit and rating process, and offer investors net returns between 10-14% dependent on the risk. A personal property security interest is created over the supplies and the business, complimented by director’s guarantees. This is fully transparent and accessible to the investor.

For the borrower the ease of an application process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete, with approval and listing within 1 hour, there are few competitors in this space.

These are borrowers  have bank facilities, and strong credit performance but seek for an alternative for their working capital that offers transparency, speed, reduced finance and administration costs. We return to the borrower the ability to bargain with its suppliers by paying them overnight, and to the investor, a strong yield that is stable and easy to collect” Leo Tyndall, Founder of Marketlend.