‘Too important to be ignored’ – The Reserve Bank of India leads up to releasing P2P lending standards

India is a major developing economy and is forecasted to see massive economic growth in the next few years. It’s a country that can’t be ignored in the 21st century and may follow the steps of China if it plays its cards right. The Reserve Bank of India has recognised the importance of P2P lending in its most recent standards assessment and looks to publish them soon.

In a 2016 consultation paper, the RBI considered P2P lending benefits to be too important to be ignored. In a more broader sense, these standards look to establish a strong regulatory framework on capital, governance, business continuity, and customer interface alongside regulatory reporting.

This recognition could be the key to truly accelerating P2P lending internationally. At this stage, the biggest market for P2P lending has been in the USA. It is amazing to see the RBI recognise P2P lending. Over the next few decades, India may rival China’s economy and even the USA. We may see P2P lending alongside this acceleration of economic growth and truly grow into the 21st century.

It’s extremely important for developing countries to begin to understand P2P lending. Additionally, it’s important for their Governments to truly recognise the importance of setting regulation and recognising P2P lending as a legitimate form of finance for small businesses and individuals.

Though, it’s just as important for every business that provides P2P lending for them to grow into other areas of the world aside from the West. This can provide access to hundreds of millions of businesses across India, China and SEA that could benefit from P2P lending.

The team at MarketLend is excited to see what comes next out of the P2P lending standards from the RBI.