Marketlend Academy: How to fix cash flow

Managing cash flow can be a challenge for any business, especially an SME when a single supplier, buyer or loan can have a big impact.  Marketlend CEO Leo Tyndall looks at how an SME can fix its cash flow, particularly making intelligent use of trade credit facilities to extend payment terms. If you want to read the full transcript, see below.



Well, there’s a number of options they can fix their cash flow. Obviously, they can take on trade credit facilities similar to what we offer. And what they can do there is, they can actually, essentially get us to pay and then they can turn around and they can collect the money from their client 30, 60 days down the track and repay us.

The other way that they can improve their cash flow obviously, is with the growth of their business is to change the terms of their debtors on the other side, but that’s not ideal because they may lose business. So it’s more like looking for financial options which actually match their cash flows themselves.