These days, innovation in Australian industries is rife

It often seems that we don’t know where to look without seeing a new start-up business or investment opportunity. Your funds no longer need to go into a huge company, either. Most of the opportunities afforded to you allow you to invest in far smaller businesses instead.

We’ve seen the rise in power of Uber and Airbnb, which are set to disrupt the taxi industry and the accommodation market respectively, and new stock market innovations such as Acorns AU, which lets entry level players enter the trading game by simply investing their petty change.

When you’re looking to grow your holdings and invest in growth – whether in peer-to-peer methods or by investing in start-up business – there are a few things you need to keep in mind. It’s clear that smaller players are entering the market more and more. Individuals are able to grow their capital exponentially, starting with a relatively tiny minimum investment amount. No longer is aggressive growth the sole field of multi-nationals. Now, singles can play the game, too, without the backing of a massive company – in fact, it has become a whole lot easier to enter the market and start trading.

Start small and diversify large

As the playing field has expanded hugely, you are no longer restricted by minimum spends and you do not have to stake all your money on one player (who may lose their stock market footing). Instead, innovations in investment opportunities mean you’re able to pay a smaller initial fee and see your revenue come in straight away. Paying a smaller initial sum means you’ll have more leftover to put into other investments, too. It makes no sense to place all your investing power in the one basket. Instead, choose a few companies or individuals to invest in so that, in the case that one doesn’t work out, you have some to fall back on.

Now, this wouldn’t be possible if you had invested everything you have in one place, would it? Complete risk transparency Especially with peer-to-peer lending, you’re able to see the terms before you settle, meaning you can see your expected financial growth before you start.

Unlike the big indexes such as Dow Jones and NASDAQ, which can take a tumble without anyone predicting it, you’re able to predict your revenue in clearer terms. And with start-ups growing at the rate they are, you’ll see a business grow from tiny to potentially multi-national – and reap the profits as well.