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KMC Technology Australia

borrowed $65,000 from 35 investors

We found Marketlend as we deal with banks all the time and need to complete our capital needs. I was sceptical they could deliver. Not only did they deliver but it was exceptional, the administration support improved our collections and the reporting was very transparent.

5 Quick steps


You complete an online application


Your application is risk assessed and supported by Marketlend


Your application is listed in the marketplace for bidding


Investors bid auction style to lend to your business


The money is paid to suppliers or paid into your account


Industrial Start Training

borrowed $50,000 from 41 investors

Early this year, Marketlend arranged credit for my business. The process was quick, and the customer service was outstanding. Marketlend enabled our business to take the next step and we are indebted to them for providing this avenue to capital.

investors lent to business


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Albany Precast

borrowed $175,000 from 86 investors

We are extremely pleased with Marketlend, our credit was provided at rates less than a bank, and new debtors were easily accepted. Marketlend facilitated direct access to the investors and managed the process completely and still does.

We have funded loan parts totalling


in Trade Credit so far and counting

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