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Making marketplace lending work harder for you


Our approach is direct and transparent. Peer-to-peer lending or marketplace lending presented an unique opportunity. Seeing the huge potential to give the customer what they want, direct access. We have created a robust online lending alternative that cuts out the middleman, cuts down on red tape and puts the investors and borrowers in direct relationship.

We realised there are risks in peer- to -peer lending that can be mitigated, as banks do when seeking investors for their lending. So we replicated this structure to mitigate those risks and put our money first in line if there is any loss as they say “we have skin in the game”.

Now investors and borrowers can enjoy the benefits of a marketplace that gives them the freedom and the confidence to do business in a safe and secure environment but more importantly on their own terms without the banks. It’s simply the way of the future.”

Leo Tyndall, Marketlend Founder


Innovation, intelligence & due diligence


Leading in innovative thinking, Marketlend performed extensive research in the Australian lending market for lending facilities. As a result, it was established Marketlend in 2014, to fulfil a real need for both investors and borrowers alike.

Under the name Marketlend, we offer a marketplace lending solution using a hosted system that manages the entire peer-to-peer lending process.  A strong well established trustee handling all monies or a special purpose entity that is bankruptcy remote further enhances this solution, in addition to a robust legal structure issuing secured notes, predictability risk assessment software applied to the investment, and a secure payment system. The process from application to paying the borrower can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Peer-to-peer lending, or marketplace lending is already used in the UK and US. It is leading the charge to create what is emerging as an estimated $1 Trillion loan market in the US alone by 2025*

 *A Trillion dollar market by the people, for the people by Charles Moldow, General Partner, Foundation Capital, 2013

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