Fraud Preventation

MarketLend takes its role to safeguard your information very seriously and recognises that all the information or data that is provided is highly confidential.

As a result of this, all data is only available to be read or written at certain access points and is password protected. Physical protection the data is achieved through the use of firewalls and servers provided by a third party in a secure facility.

Employees or third parties who have a requirement to access this data are the only persons permitted to do so and this is controlled physically as well is electronically.

We do use SSL technology and encourage that you verify that it is being used when you run your browser. The way to see if it is being used is to look for a padlock icon on your browser.

Identity theft

Market lend has an agreement with a well recognised provider of ID verification. As a result, it obtains a warranty from that third party provider that there are sufficient policies and procedures in place to ensure that is highly unlikely and ID can be stolen and also used to acquire a loan in MarketLend.

In the worst case scenario, that identity theft does occur market lend and are provider of ID verification will work with the police and any other government authority to ensure that you are compensated and also that the identity theft is stopped.
If your investor a website and you hold the belief that you have invested in a loan where the borrower is not who they say they are it is suspicious we ask that you immediately contact us on so that we can take steps to investigate and report the matter. When you contact us please provide your investor membership number, the loan ID and what are your suspicions. Furthermore if you have any evidence to support your suspicions please provide that is well.

As stated before a third party provider manages all financial information and stores it at a secure facility. Any access to that data is controlled and protected via firewall antivirus software and antispam technology.


A website has protection to prevent continuous logon without activity. We do recommend you do not leave your computer unattended whilst logged on in our website, however this protection will assist you if you accidentally do so.
Passwords and identification numbers

Your passwords and identification numbers to MarketLend including account numbers are unique and protected by us as mentioned above. At no time will we provide you and your bank account number in full or seek to verify those details by email alone.

We ask that you do take measures yourself to protect your password and identification number and also make an effort to renew your password on a regular basis, at least every 14 days. If at any time you receive an email asking you to provide your password to MarketLend, we recommend you do not respond to that email directly and contact us on to confirm the request.

We recommend that you have antivirus and antispam software on your computer and regularly scan your computer for viruses and spam.

Suspicious Activity

If at any time you have a suspicion of activity on your account that was not authorised by you please contact us on and advise your membership ID, what the activity was what loan it relates to all loans or notes and provide any evidence that supports your suspicion. We will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours of your communication to us.


We are continuously addressing a policy in regards to fraud, anti-money laundering and counterterrorism. A copy of a policy is available by emailing

These policies are amended from time to time and we use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the amendments are reflected in this webpage or others.