What is happening, there is NOTHING about your Recovery Processes?

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  • London Lad #10021

    Just what Recovery actions are happening please Marketlend? I have emailed and asked TWICE and had no reply.
    There is nada/zilch/zero about this Arrears for weeks now.
    This is NOT good and is totally unacceptable.


    leotyndall #10023

    Dear London Lad,

    1) let me apologise for the missing commentary, this was an oversight and we do attempt to update monthly the commentary on arrears file. As of Monday we are employing a person whose task amongst others is to handle this aspect. You will be able to email him at assistance@marketlend.com.au and ask for Anthony Canceri.

    2) we have now updated the commentary, and this file had its capital returned to investors from our provision as that it has been resolved it is not likely to be gained from the underlying obligor.

    3) please see the commentary for more details.

    Again we apologise and if we did not respond to the email please advise and I will reprimand the appropriate persons.

    We do our utmost to meet the demands of the communication to all parties on the platform and we take your feedback as a good way to learn how to improve.

    Kind regards,

    Leo Tyndall

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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