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  • marketlendbj1997 #7948

    I understand that SpeedyMoney is a regular borrower and has a solid repayment history to date.
    Are there updated financial statements available in support of this current loan application. Previous financial statements revealed a level of realised bad debts given the nature of its lending business.
    The credit assessment indicates a 79% Somewhat Certain probability the investment will be repaid in full and on time compared to an equivalent assessment under a previous loan application made in June 2016 leading to an assessment at that time of repayment probability of 90% very Certain

    leotyndall #8110

    This is not a change in the financial status, and it is a fine tuning of our risk model that may have resulted in an adjustment of the risk assessment result.
    If anything, Speedymoney risk profile has improved as a result of improved provisions, and perfect repayment history.

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