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    Hello Marketlend Team,

    Hoping you can help me with a few questions on this loan.

    Just wondering if documentation is available for the rebuild in a detailed quote.
    Is the operator intending to carry out the rebuild himself or will it be completed by a business that provides some type of workmanship guarantee?…What warranty will they provide on the rebuild and for how many kilometers? It might seem that my line of questioning is a little fickle. However a poor rebuild will result in more time off the road and loss of earnings.



    Amy Hannaford #3698

    Hi Brendan,

    Did you recieve a response on your query above. If so could you or Marketlend repost it?

    leotyndall #3699

    Dear Brendan,

    There is actually a quote saved in the investor folder. Annexure B. In the quote it states the warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty and that labor is for the same term.

    We will ask the borrower what is the term of the manufacturer’s warranty however I do think it might
    depend on each item.

    Kind regards,

    Sorry for the delay

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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