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    “As of July 2016, Guarantor credit searches have revealed 8 payment defaults, 1 court action, no court writs, no disqualified directorships, and no bankruptcies. ”

    Can you provide more info on this – when were the payment defaults and what were they for?

    Was it 8 different payment’s that were defaulted on? Or defaulted 8 times on one thing?

    Also I had a question regarding the ‘Secured Equipment Financing’ above this.


    leotyndall #6173

    The borrower suffered a period of illhealth and all of the defaults occurred at the same time. He made a claim on his insurance and they are still finalising his payment which caused his financial difficulty.

    As mentioned he is in a much stronger position health and business wise.

    Thanks Marketlend

    SamJames #6174


    How recent were these?

    leotyndall #6175

    You will see they are mentioned in the credit report, 2012

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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