Can you elaborate on "We have the benefit of the underlying receivables"

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    Can you explain this a bit more:

    “What makes this opportunity unusual is that the risk is diversified due to the fact we have the benefit of the underlying receivables where the obligors are diverse.”


    HOMBRE #6042

    Hi Sam,
    Speedymoney’s average loan size is $550 and offers a standard term of one month. As such there are thousands of small loans outstanding at any point in time. Investors underlying risk is to the whole portfolio of loans, and therefore diversified over thousands of customers that work in many different industries. Whilst we do not like any loan to fall into arrears or default, one loan going bad will have little impact on the return of the portfolio as a whole. The other matter to consider is customers’ pay-cycles. Most Speedymoney customers are paid weekly, and therefore so are their repayments, and comprise both principal and interest, which means that Speedymoney’s exposure to a client decreases quickly. Regards Speedymoney

    HFS #6100

    Why has Speedy Money reduced their interest payable to 15%, from 16% to 17% when they have not reduced the interest they charge their clients? It seems they are placing more of a burden on their lenders and increasing their own profit margins. When insured loans can be invested in that pay 14% why would lenders invest in Speedy Money?


    HOMBRE #6102

    Ever since we began using the MarketLend platform it has been a goal of ours to reduce our cost of funding. We started off paying higher interest rates to get ourselves established and set about building a repayment history, which is completely unblemished, demonstrating that we are a secure investment. We believe our track record warrants a lower rate, more commensurate with other funding sources. It is also worth noting that the average individual investment in Speeedymoney on the ML platform is about $1500. Given most of our loan terms are for 6 months this means that each 1% decline in the interest rate represents a very small difference in return ($7.50) to the individual investor.

    leotyndall #6108

    Please note that personal information on your investments must not be disclosed on the discussion tabs.

    HFS #6111


    Is this some form of censoring. The information I provided is readily available should anyone wish to scroll down through the listings to see who has invested and what amount has been invested. I regularly do this to observe Marketlends commitment.

    I’ll say it again. Without the few investors who introduce larger sums of money, many of your listings would fail. When I spoke to you after my original registration you said you were hoping to attract larger investors. Well if this is the way they are treated, good luck.

    I thought the assumption put forward by Speedy Money quite insulting to all investors, yet you allowed this to happen. I have close to $100,000 invested through Marketlend but now I am questioning why.

    p.s I use this form of communication because I have had little success through your other forms.

    leotyndall #6214

    I am sorry you are upset, as we have said we will not censor, feel free to contact us to cancel your bid if you are not satisfied. You can always use our customer support portal to have your views listened to, as well as this portal

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