2015 Financials

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  • loopy #4726

    Can 2015 Financials be provided?

    What impact has the cafe had on the balance sheet and income statement?

    leotyndall #4743

    Dear Loopy,

    We have spoken with the Borrower who was on leave for the last week so we hope to have an answer this week.

    Kind regards,


    John Carey #4785

    Hi Loopy.
    The new café has had a huge impact on the business growing the retail side of the business.
    For example before we opened the new café the retail turnover was an average of $18000 per week
    With the new café open it is now averaging $27000 per week with the net profit also jumping on average $2000 per week before tax.
    I hope this information helps you.


    JP #4851

    Are the last few months bank statements from the trading account available? This would provide useful insight into the current-cashflow situation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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