Reply To: Speedy Money

HOMBRE #5741

With 5 days left in the May we are expecting a record month in terms of applications, approvals and money lent. To put this in perspective, current demand is about 25% higher than six months ago when we started with MarketLend, and three times what is was a year ago.

In addition, June and July are usually busy times for short-term loans as consumers manage the timing of their expected Tax refunds.

We also have a number of new branded websites in production scheduled for release in the coming weeks. At this point, we envisage devoting further resources to marketing, and increasing the size of the loans we offer.

As a result, we are looking to raise further capital to support the expected growth of the loan book. We are managing the time it takes to have the MarketLend listings filled by publishing them now, and are conscientiously working to increase demand in a manageable and controlled way.

With this in mind you should expect more repeat listings from us on the MarketLend platform.