Reply To: Can you elaborate on "We have the benefit of the underlying receivables"

HFS #6111


Is this some form of censoring. The information I provided is readily available should anyone wish to scroll down through the listings to see who has invested and what amount has been invested. I regularly do this to observe Marketlends commitment.

I’ll say it again. Without the few investors who introduce larger sums of money, many of your listings would fail. When I spoke to you after my original registration you said you were hoping to attract larger investors. Well if this is the way they are treated, good luck.

I thought the assumption put forward by Speedy Money quite insulting to all investors, yet you allowed this to happen. I have close to $100,000 invested through Marketlend but now I am questioning why.

p.s I use this form of communication because I have had little success through your other forms.