Credit Monitoring

Creditwatch, ASIC & Commercial Bureau Triggers

Each borrower is placed under “alert notice” with the Mercantile Agents in the event that any adverse information i.e. ASIC and Commercial Bureau Triggers are received e.g. on Shareholdings & Officeholders, Change in officeholders.*

A level of importance is set for the information, see the headings below


  • Change in share details

    Change in share structure

  • Share issue or cancellation
  • Change of Directors

  • Enquiries, Court Actions & Defaults
  • Court Actions
  • Mercantile Enquiry

  • Telco / Utility Enquiry
  • Payment Default
  • New / Updated address
  • Organisation status change

    Change to company constitution

  • Notification of resolution

  • Change of organisation details
  • Financials

  • Company Solvency Statement
  • Change in charges


  • File Note Added

  • Financial Inquiry
  • Administration
  • Change of company name, class or type

  • Company Financial Details

  • Foreign company financial details

Borrower Analysis and Review

Marketlend and the Insurer (where applicable) will rate the borrowers based on the information available to them at the time of the application, the information may include:

  • Mercantile Report – Search & Adverse
  • Financials (if available)
  • Industry Sector
  • Years Established
  • Director’s Background
  • Direct Approach – physical visit and/or phone call

Marketlend has a borrower review schedule based on the risk and the approved Exposure.


Please email: for more details.