Earning returns up to 9.2% on secured business loans**

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Our Vision - enabling affordable lending to SMEs at interest rates equivalent to or better than bank rates on more favourable terms

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Direct benefits for Investors

  • Attractive and stable returns
  • Insured against the insolvency of obligor (in certain cases)
  • Secured credit with personal guarantees
  • No Investor losses
  • Yearly audited by a top international accounting firm
  • First loss protection - we invest with you
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and more A$ investments available*

Direct benefits for Borrowers

  • Established network of investors
  • Competitive Rates
  • Quick
  • Secure alternative to a bank
  • Transparent
  • No property security required
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January 2022

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Transparency, first loss investment by Marketlend and positive operational reviews by Deloittes Accounting and Clifford Chance legal.