Wholesale Clients can only participate as investors as this time

At this present time, MarketLend only offers investment to wholesale clients, and “wholesale client” has the meaning given by section 761G. in the Corporations Act 2001. To qualify as a wholesale client you are required to meet a certain criteria as set out in the Corporations Act 2001.

Generally people buying securities and other financial products must, under the Corporations Act 2001(the Corporations Act), are to be given a regulated disclosure document such as a prospectus or product disclosure statement. However, the Corporations Act has some exemptions from these requirements.

One of those exemptions is the offering of financial products to a person (either a natural person or a legal person) who is the subject of a current certificate from a qualified accountant certifying they have a prescribed net asset or gross income level.

A person holding such a certificate is a:

  • ‘sophisticated investor’ for the purposes of Chapter 6D (if they are offered debt or shares) or

  • ‘wholesale client’ for the purposes of Chapter 7 (if they are offered a financial product, other than insurance, superannuation or a retirement savings account product or service) and the financial product is not used in connection with a business.

Contact your accountant to obtain a certificate, and more details on what is needed is available by clicking the following link:

Tyndall Capital trading as MarketLend is regulated by Australian Securities Investment Commission

MarketLend is a trading business name approved by ASIC and Tyndall Capital ABN 86 154 750 268 Australian Financial Services Licence Authorised Representative Licence No.415909.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission regulates Tyndall Capital and MarketLend. For more details on Australian Financial Services Licensing please click on the following link: